Cleartone 弦線使用獨有的專利技術去保護弦線,令弦線的壽命比一般延長3-5倍,但又能保持傳統弦線的手感和音色。除了不會影響音質,而且比一般弦線響亮10% ,比其他品牌的塗層弦線響亮36%

大型結他廠商 (Gibson,Eastman,Washburn,Godin,Seagull,Silvertone,等) 指定使用弦線

Tommy Emmanuel,Tom Petty,Dave Mustaine,Dink Cook,等大師級御用

Cleartone strings use unique treatment to protect the strings, can last 3-5 times longer, but keeping traditional strings feel and sound. Clearness were also tested to be 10% louder than traditional strings and 36% louder than other brand's coated string.

Guitar's brand (Gibson,Eastman,Washburn,Godin,Seagull,Silvertone, etc) factory string.

T ommy Emmanuel,Tom Petty,Dave Mustaine,Dink Cook, etc. uses Cleartong strings.

Cleartone Strings