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Manfrotto的設計、製造和銷售一系列範圍廣泛的攝影和照明配件產品,主要應用於專業攝影,電影,戲劇,生活娛樂和視頻市場。 產品系列包括相機三腳架和雲台,燈光支架和一系列配件。


Manfrotto designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of photography and lighting accessories products, mainly used in professional photography, film, theater, life entertainment and video markets.

Product includes camera tripods and pan-tilts, lighting brackets and a series of accessories.

Manfrotto continuously invests in the development of the latest technology, while constantly evaluating product types, production needs and consumer trends. This guarantees the highest standard of product quality and sets the industry standard.

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