Los Cabos Drumsticks使用業界公認最佳的加拿大楓木製造


Practice Pad 使用樺木底座配合特製橡膠面,輕便攜帶。回彈適中, 音色清脆,打造出近似鼓的真實手感。可搭配支架使用。


Los Cabos Drumsticks made from Canadian's Maple

Soft texture, light feel, gives a clear tone

Avaliable models:

2B, 3A, 5A, 5B, 7A, 8A, Concert, Jazz, Jive, Swing


Practice Pad made with Birch Base with specal made rubber, lightweight, easy to carry.

Natural rebound, clear tone, gives a real drum feel. Can mount on a stand.

Home Practice Kit - OCT Promotion

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HK$240Sale Price