Music Nomad

每平方英吋含有9萬超細纖維。無包邊設計,不會劃花樂器表面主要用於抹走表面灰塵和清潔,使用後用溫水手洗後風乾便可!適合用於結他表面、配件,以及AMP和樂器盒的清潔保養建議搭配Music Nomad的Guitar Detailer、Guitar ONE及Amp&Case 一起使用。


Containing 90,000 microfibers per square inch. Also using a non-hemmed edge to avoid scratching any surface.Use for dusting off surface and cleaning, use warm water, hand wash and air dry after usage. Suitable for using on guitar surface, hardware, amp and case. Suggest using it with Music Nomad Guitar Detailer, Guitar ONE and Amp&Case

Guitar Detailing Towel | 結他清潔抹布

SKU: MN202