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能一次過做到清潔,光和打蠟這些繁複的工序。除了讓琴身恢復光澤也能為琴身做成一層保護膜 適用於任何光面結他
可選擇 4oz. 和 12oz.


使用方法: 噴出少量Guitar One 於布 (建議使用Guitar Detailing Towel)上,然後於結他表面打圈清潔


Clean, polish, wax in one single procedure. Apart from restore and revive dull, hazy surfaces, it can also form a protection layer for the guitar body. It is suitable to use on all gloss finish guitar.

Can choose from 4oz. and 12oz.


Usage: Spray some Guitar One on cloth (suggest using Guitar Detailing Towel), then wipe in circular motion.

Guitar One (Clean+Polish+Wax 3 In1) | 3合1結他清潔劑 (清潔+拋光+打蠟)

  • 12oz 需預訂,寄出時間需要多大約一星期

    12oz size is a pre-order product, it will take about one week's time for delivery