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簡單而有效的工具, 用於測量電結他,木結他和低音結他的琴弦高度、銅條高度, 拾音器高度

數值顯示單位為英寸、公制和 64ths。

結合了數字和線條, 方便的圖表根據儀器類型和測量說明顯示適當的高度



數字和線條均是深蝕刻出來的, 不易擦掉,確保可以長期使用


Easy and great tool for measuring String height, fret height and pickup height for electric, acoustic guitar and bass guitar

Measurements are shown in Inches, Metric and 64ths.

Combined with Numbers and Lines, and the Convenient Chart are Proper Height by Instrument Type & Measurement Instructions


Black Finish Contrasted with White Markings design allow Easy reading for Accurate Measurements.

Made with High Quality Stainless Steel with smooth edges Design, Numbers & Lines are Deep Etched, can't be Rub Off easily, Ensure long term Usage.

Precision String Action Gauge | 弦距測量尺

SKU: MN602