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套裝包括: String Fuel,String Fuel Refill





使用方法:只需於彈奏前後將String Fuel 涵蓋六條弦線向上/下抹一次便可。如劑出太多油的話可用背後的Polishing Cloth 輕輕抹一下。


Package included: String Fuel, String Fuel Refill


Clean and protect string from oil and dirt. Can extend strings' life.

It’s silicone free formula is safe for fretboard, also reducing finger noise and enhancing the speed you can slide your fingers.


Usage: Covering all 6 Strings and wipe upward/downward before and after playing the instrument. Use the Polishing Cloth at the back to clean up if squeezed too much oil.

Premium String Care Kit | 結他弦線清潔套裝

SKU: MN145