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String Fuel 補充液,一瓶能充分補充兩次。




使用方法:當String Fuel乾後,將String Fuel Refill 於String Fuel 的軟墊上平均地劑出,直至見到軟墊變回濕潤。


String Fuel refill oil, can fully refill twice.

Clean and protect string from oil and dirt. Can extend strings' life.It’s silicone free formula is safe for fretboard, also reducing finger noise and enhancing the speed you can slide your fingers.


Usage: When String Fuel is dry out, squeeze some oil from the the refill bottle evenly on the cushion of String Fuel, until the cushion is wet and moist.

String Fuel Refill | 結他弦線清潔劑 (補充裝)

SKU: MN120