- Thronmax Mdrill One (黑色)

- 專用手提保護袋

- 專用咪套

- 防風咪套

- 防噴網

- 3米 Type C 線

- 可調角度的咪支架連接座

- 3/8” 轉 5/8″ 轉接


配合 Apple Camara Kit 轉插便可使用於iPhone 和iPad。

Android 電話使用Type-C 線便可使用


即插即用。適用於大部份視訊通話軟件, 包括Facebook Messanger, Google Meet, Skype, Zoom.





取樣頻率: 48khz / 16bit (One), 96khz / 24bit (One Pro)

收音模式: 心形, 8字形, 針形, 全指向性

頻率響應: 20Hz – 20kHz


Package includes

-Thronmax Mdrill One (Black)
-Fabric Travel Case
-Dust-proof Protective Sleeve
-Foam Windshield
-Pop Filter
-3 meters Type C braided cable
-Advanced Boom Adapter
-3/8” Female- 5/8″ Male Adapter


Can connect iPhone and iPad with Apple Camara Kit.

Can connect Android phones with Type-C cable


Plug and play. Able to use on most video call software, including Facebook Messanger, Google Meet, Skype and Zoom.




Includes 3 high quality 16mm condenser capsules

Sample Rate / Bit Rate: 48khz / 16bit (One), 96khz / 24bit (One Pro)

Recording Pattern: Cardioid, Stereo, 360 Bi-Directional, Omni-Directional

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz

MDrill One Kit (USB Mic) | USB 錄音咪套裝

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