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Jim & Steve 是兩位主導Neowood品牌的靈魂人物,他們分別來自台灣和澳洲,兩位同樣對結他有著熱愛與熱情。

Neo源自希臘文,有新、進化的意思。 因此Neowood的產品都包含新的設計、想法、甚或新的物料,進而引導出設計、品質、技術與獨特性這四項重點成為品牌的中心理念。

Jim & Steve are two soul figures who lead the brand, Neowood. They are from Taiwan and Australia and they both have passion and love for guitars.

Neo comes from Greek and has a meaning of new and evolutionary.

Neowood's products contain new designs, ideas, and even new materials, which in turn lead to the four brand's central concept - Design, Quality, Technology and Uniqueness.

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