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橡膠外殼與無金屬結構 - 能安全的使用於精緻木材上和所有不同物料的止弦釘上。



使用方法: 只需將GRIP Puller 滑動到止弦釘下並直接向上拉動或向後滾動就能拔起。方便簡單!


Metal free construction with a rubber exterior - safe on delicate wood and all kinds of bridge pin.

The ergonomic, rubber lined comfort grip design has no moving parts and is a one-handed operation.

Simply slide the GRIP Puller under the pin and pull straight up or roll back and the pin will be lifted. It’s that easy!

GRIP Puller | 木結他拔弦釘工具 (換弦工具)

SKU: MN219