G7th Capo

獨家油壓式結構 (Unique Tension Control System) 可平均地壓在弦線上。

新研發的ART (Adaptive Radius Technology)能適應不同弧度的琴頸並且不會影響音準。




可選擇 銀, 黑, 金色


Unique Tension Control System can evenly apply pressure on strings.

New ART (Adaptive Radius Technology) can fit on any guitar neck shape without affecting the tuning. 

Can use single hand to clip on or remove the capo.

Unique elastic material protects guitar's finish while capo being tighten.

Suitable for ALL guitars, including Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitar

Available in Silver, Black and Gold

Performance 3 Capo | 結他移調夾

HK$395 Regular Price
HK$329Sale Price