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能抗UV (可防止陽光及燈光的傷害,確保漆面及木料不受紫外線照射而變質或變形,就算長期在戶外表演也不必擔心漆面變色) 和 減少灰塵髒污以及指紋的沾染。



使用方法:先掃走表面灰塵, 再噴出少量Drum Detailer 於布 (建議使用 Drum Detailing Towels) 上, 然後抹在表面上。


Can protect from UV (deter sun damage, give your drums a long lasting great shine), Removes finerprints, dust and spots.

Suitable to use on all high gloss and matt finish drum shell, metal accessories, electric drum pad, drum throne and cymbal.

*DW Drums recommends for proper care of their performance and collector’s series drums*


Usage: First dust off the dust from surface, then spray some Drum Detailer on cloth (suggest using Drum Detailing Towels), and wipe on the surface.

Drum Detailer | 鼓專用清潔劑 (可使用於電子鼓)

SKU: MN110