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適用於所有用銀、鍍銀、鍍鎳,及多數的未上漆金屬表面 樂器


使用方法: 先用布輕輕地將表面的塵抹走,然後將少量Silver Polish倒於布 (建議使用 Music Nomad Brass&Woodwind Untreated Microfiber Polishing Cloth)上, 並塗於樂器表面清潔,然後再將所以清潔劑和污積抹抹便可。


Contains an exclusive formula which keeps silver, silver plating, nickel plating, and most unlacquered metals brighter longer, while delivering invisible protection that helps reduce the formation of tarnish.

Maintaining a brilliant new-look shine from a dull, oxidized and tarnished surfaces.


Usage: Use a cloth to dust off the surface of the instrument, then pour out small amount of Silver Polish on a cloth (suggest using Music Nomad Brass&Woodwind Untreated Microfiber Polishing Cloth) and clean up the surface. Finally wipe all the polish and the dirt away and it is done.

Silver Polish (Trumpet, Trombone, Flute) | 銀製樂器 (長笛, 大號, 小號) 專用清潔劑

SKU: MN701