不銹鋼弦線採用了有專利的linea pressure-wound技術,而此技術能加強中頻,令弦線有獨特的音色。另一個特別的纏繞方法能減少手指與弦線間的磨擦,從而增加彈奏速度和減少雜音。

特別適用於Fretless 低音結他

SM55 (40-100)
RS55LD (45-105)
Stainless Steel with patented linea pressure-wound finish. The linea effect accentuates the middle frequencies in resulting in a tone quite different from a normal round-wound string. 
Special rolling technique can reduces finger noise and friction thus allowing for more rapid finger movement.
Great for using on fretless bass guitar.

SM55 (40-100)
RS55LD (45-105)

Solo Bass 55 (Stainless Steel Bass Guitar Strings) | 不銹鋼低音結他弦線

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