Comfort Strapp

寬闊服貼和高延展性設計能完整平均地分散重力,獨特的 Douglas Connector 設計帶來安全肩帶釦的保護效果

寬度: 3"- 3.5"(肩位漸寬) 厚度: 1cm

短 (S) : 33"-37"  長 (L) : 38"-45"  加長 (XL) : 42"-54"

Wide shoulder area and elastic design can evenly share the weight, unique Douglas Connector design is similar to a strap lock

Width: 3"- 3.5"(wider at shoulder area) Thickness: 1cm

Short (S) : 33"-37" Long (L) : 38"-45" Extra Long (XL) : 42"-54"

Pro Bass Series

HK$400 Regular Price
HK$320Sale Price