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重型底座設計, 帶有防滑減震墊片,可提供更好的音質

一段式可動臂可以調節長度和角度,可達到理想收音位置,可安裝US / Euro 麥克風夾。







高度: 11.4"/290mm - 23"/584mm

一段式可動臂 : 18.5"

重量: 6.8lbs (3.1kg)

最大承重量: 5lbs (2.2kg)


Made with Heavy Duty Steel.

The weighted base with non slip, vibration reducing gasket for better sound quality

The single section boom arm allows length and angle adjustment for the perfect position, and it is equipped to fit both US and Euro mic clips.

Twist clutch has a soft grip design, allowing easy height adjustment.

Comes with a removable cable management clip for clean organised and safe setup.


Perfect for using with Bass Drum and Amp



Height: 11.4"/290mm - 23"/584mm

Single Section Boom : 18.5"

Weight: 6.8lbs (3.1kg)

Max Weight Capacity: 5lbs (2.2kg)

Compact Base Mic Stand | 可調角度坐枱咪架 ( GFW-MIC-0821 )

SKU: MIC-0821-2021
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