表面採用布織物料, 底部用上氯丁橡膠, 配上人造皮革和獨特的金屬配件。


 G-hook扣 設計能輕易地調校背帶長度。


寬: 3"
長: 基本 (39"-48"), 加長 (48"-64")

可選擇黑 / 灰色


Top made with modern fabric textures and bottom using generously-padded neoprene. Containing vegan-friendly faux leather tips and  sleek metal hardware.

Features a custom G-hook for easily fastener and adjusting strap lengths.


Width: 3" 
Length: Standard (39"-48"), Extra Long (48"-64")

Available in Black or Grey

FABRK Strap | 3" 減壓結他背帶

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    Some colours / pattern are pre-order item, it will take about one week's time for delivery, please contact us for details