Kapsule 的面部是一個柔軟的結他袋,但底部外殼用了堅硬的聚碳酸酯,所以既可舒適地背起, 也可擁有硬盒的保護效果 (可安全辦理登機手續)

內層用了由98%的空氣製成的輕質膨脹聚苯乙烯厚層,具有出色的減震性和絕緣性,可確保結他/低音結他 的安全。






內長: 43"     內寬 (底部): 14.5"     重: 15lbs


內長: 47.5"     內寬 (底部): 14.5"     重: 15lbs


內長: 43"     內寬 (底部): 17"     重: 15lbs


Kapsule is a soft gig bag with a tough polycarbonate bottom shell, so it is comfortable and light to wear and also having a hard case level protection (safe for check in) 

Inner layer using a thick layer of lightweight expanded polystyrene made of 98% air. it has excellent shock absorbency and insulation for keeping your guitar or bass safe.

The front of the Kapsule is designed as a massive storage area. Allowing extra storage for your tour-essential gear, even clothes and toiletries!

Design with easy removable wheels for rolling and backpack.



Electric Guitar

Inner length: 43"     Inner width (bottom): 14.5"     Weight: 15lbs

Electric Bass

Inner length: 47.5"  Inner width (bottom): 14.5"     Weight: 15lbs

Acoustic Guitar

Inner length: 43"  Inner width (bottom): 17"           Weight: 15lbs

Kapsule | 可寄艙結他袋 (半硬盒, 可背/手拉)

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