適用於錄音, 直播, 視訊課堂, 網上會議等

可連接電腦, 手提電腦, 平板電腦, 電話 或遊戲機 等當作主/延伸屏幕, 

可用於Apple, Windows, iOS, Android等 系統, 無需安裝, 即插即用。


支援 HDR 顯示 和 Freesync

內置喇叭 和 耳機插孔



電腦 / 手提電腦 / 遊戲機 - 只需用USB線和HDMI訊號線連接便可

平板電腦 / 電話 - 使用插座/行動電源供電, 再用USB-C線連接


USB-A - USB-C 線 x1

USB-C - USB-C 線 x1

HDMI - mini HDMI 線 x1

2合1 屏幕保護套/底座 x1




尺寸: 363mm 長 x 228mm 寬 x  5mm寬 (底寬10mm)

屏幕尺寸: 15.6"

解像度: 1920 x 1080

重量: 819g

螢幕刷新率: 60Hz

反應時間: 3ms

對比度: 800:1

亮度: 220nit


Suitable for situation such as Recording Session, Live Stream, Online lesson, Online Meeting, etc.

Can be connected to computers, laptops, tablets, phones, gaming console as main / extended screen.

Applicable on Apple, Windows, iOS, Android system. No installation required, just plug and play.

Lightweight and easy-to-connect design for working at home or working outside.

Supports HDR display and Freesync

Built-in speaker and headphone jack



Computer / Laptop / Game Console - Connect with USB cable and HDMI cable

Tablet /Phone - Connected by USB-C cable, powered by socket/power bank through USB


Package includes:

USB-A - USB-C cable x1

USB-C - USB-C cable x1

HDMI - mini HDMI cable x1

2 in 1 Screen Protector/Stand x1


1 Year official warranty

Size: 363mm L x 228mm W x  5mm Thick (Bottom 10mm)

Screen Size: 15.6"

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Weight: 819g

Refesh Rate: 60Hz

Response Time: 3ms

Contrast Ratio: 800:1

Lightness: 220nit

IPS 15.6" Portable Monitor | IPS系列便攜式顯示器