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使用方法: 於布 (建議使用 Brass&Woodwind Untreated Microfiber Polishing Cloth) 上滴一些Bore Oil,然後將布從樂器一端放入,然後再從另一面慢慢拉出,以便木材可以吸收到油。


It helps protecting your wood instruments from drying and cracking. Works great on any wooden bore instrument and unfinished wooden parts.

It's formulated using a complex mixture of the finest ultra-refined tree and seed oils to seal, condition and protect your wood.

100% free of lemon extracts, petroleum and water.


Usage: Drip some Bore Oil on a cloth (suggest using Brass&Woodwind Untreated Microfiber Polishing Cloth), then put the cloth inside the instrument at one end and pull it out the other side slowly, so the instrument can absorb the oil.

Bore Oil | 木製樂器專用滋潤油

SKU: MN702