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特殊設計的套頭及凹槽能符合幾乎所有的弦鈕, 適用於電/木結他, 低音結他 和小結他 (包括12線結他,電結他等空間較小的弦鈕)
底部是10mm 六角扳手,可安全地將大部份調音頭扭緊。


Innovative Dual Bearing Construction and ergonomic, non slip comfort handle for effortless, silent and super fast winding.

Unique and contoured design fits virtually all tuning pegs.

It is designed to fit all kinds of machine head (including 12 strings, E.Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele and orchestral strings)

The soft surface provides scratch free and clank free operation.

The butt end is a 10mm hex wrench, can safely tighten the most popular (10mm) tuning machine bushings.

GRIP Winder | 結他上弦器 (適用於電/木結他, 低音結他 和小結他)

SKU: MN221