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可選擇4oz. 或 12oz.

使用方法﹕將Guitar Detailer 噴在結他表面,然後用布 (建議使用Guitar Detailering Towel) 抹乾便可


Can effectively removes dust, fingerprints and smudges. Can use on both Matte/Gloss finishes guitar and guitar’s metal hardware.

Contain bioderadable foluma and it is infused with gloss enhancers and UV protactants.

Available in 4oz. and 12oz.


Usage: Spray some Guitar Detailer on guitar's surface, then use cloth (suggest using Guitar Detailing Towel) wipe off.

Guitar Detailer | 結他清潔劑

  • 120oz 需預訂,寄出時間需要多大約一星期

    12oz size is a pre-order product, it will take about one week's time for delivery