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能減少因彈奏震動所造成的音準偏移 (走音),降低弦線的磨損。不但不會影響音色,反而能增加弦線的延音。



使用方法:劑出少量TUNE-IT 於附送的小工具棒,然後塗於任何弦線可所接觸的位置 (弦枕或琴橋等)


Can help strings stay in tune longer, and reduce string breakage. It can extend sustain without affacting the tone.

Suitable for Electric / Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar and Ukulele.


Usage: Squeeze small amount of TUNE-IT on the Small Tip Applicator, then apply on those parts where touches strings (Nut Slots, Bridge, Saddle, String Guides, etc.)

TUNE-IT (Lubricant) | 結他潤滑劑

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