採用了GS-MINI桶身設計,打破了細小結他的先天限制 - 不脫離旅行結他的本質 但音色與音量上都有著極佳的表現



桶型: GS MINI (38")

弦長: 620mm

面板: 桃花心木

表面處理: 開放式平光

側板,背板和琴柄: 桃花心木

指板: 玫瑰木

弦鈕: 封閉油壓 (14:1)

弦枕,弦釘: 內蒙牛骨/ABS


附送原廠灰色結他袋 (10mm厚)


GS-MINI design breaks the limit of small size guitar - without departing from the essence of travelling but with excellent performance in tone and volume.

The full mahogany body adds a round and warm tone.

Suitable for playing indoor and travel


Body Type: GS MINI (38")

Scale Length: 620mm

Top Wood: Mahogany

Finish: Natural

Back and Sides: Mahogany

Fingerboard: Rosewood 

Tuners: Covered tuners (14:1)

Saddle and Nut: Genuine bone/ABS


Comes with official Grey Guitar Gig Bag (10mm thick)

SGS-2 GS-MINI Solid Top Acoustic Guitar | 單板GS-MINI桶木結他

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