像開關一樣, 讓鼓的聲音打開, 同時也將不需要的泛音減少. 令演奏變得更靈敏。

可以按著需要的減震程度去使用一雙或單獨使用左/. 70’s 上下反轉使用 (logo向下) 能增加聲音亮度.



Acts like a gate, letting the drum open up while subtracting unwanted overtone, allowing more sensitive playing.

Can be used as a pair or individual left / right for adjusting the level of dampening the top head overtone. In addition, by flipping upside down (logo side face down) can add a bit more brightness.

Try moving around the hoop to find a sweet spot for best dampening.

70's Genuine Leather Muffle | 鼓專用皮革消音配件

SKU: #5-70S