主要用來將 #5 固定於Die Cast Hoops 或沒磁力的鼓框上


#5 放進凹槽後, 兩個磁鐵會產生一個浮動鎖。 當敲打鼓時, 磁鐵會自動調整到一個與鼓面接觸的最佳位置


尺寸: 1.87” () x 1.69“ () x 0.8” ()


The Pro-Lock is used to secure #5 to die-cast hoops / non-magnetic hoops


Drops #5 in the slot and two magnets will create a floating lock.

When the drum is being hit, it will reset itself and fall back into place with perfect contact/balance to the drum head.

Size: 1.87” (Wide) x 1.69“ (Long) x 0.8” (Thick)

Pro Lock (Install #5 for Die-Cast Hoop) | #5 Die Cast 框配件

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