#5 由實心黃銅經人手製成。透過增加鼓皮的質量, 於不影響drum shell音色的情況下平均地將中低頻的泛音減低. 此外, #5 可提供大約2-3db壓縮的音效, 能於錄音或演出時成為收音的好助手 不需一堆額外器材便可於混音過程中給予自然的音色。


可使用於Triple Flange Hoops (Die Cast Hoops / 沒有磁力的鼓框需配搭Pro Lock 使用)

可配搭不同配件 (70’s 2pk) 去給予鼓不同的音效和減少不同程度的高頻雜音.




尺寸: 1.87” () x 2.44“ () x 0.66” ()

: 3/4

包裝包括#5, 基本皮革配件和專用保護盒 各一



#5 is handmade with solid brass. It adds mass to the drum skin, helps evenly smoothen the lower-mid ringing frequencies while keeping the tone from the shell. In addition, #5 can get about 2-3db of compression, which helps a lot in recording and live situation - sit in the mix naturally without the need for more outboard gear.


Suitable to use on metal triple flange hoops (die cast hoops / non-magnetic hoop needs a pro lock).

By using #5 with different inserts (70’s or 2pk), you can add different colour to the drum as well as shaping the unwanted ring of the high frequencies.


Tips: To find the sweet spot. Just slide the #5 around the rim with one hand while hitting the drum.


Size: 1.87” (Wide) x 2.44 “ (Long) x 0.66” (Thick)

Weight: 3-4lbs

Package includes #5, Standard Insert and a Case

#5 (Solid Brass Muffler / Damper) | 鼓專用消音 (實心黃銅)