5合1 智能音樂工具

振動節拍器 - 感受節拍,讓你更能聆聽音樂

磁性調音器 - 能隨時為你的樂器保維持音準

分貝儀 - 能隨時知道四圍的音量,有助保護你的聽覺

時間顯示 - 保持音樂與日常生活保持平衡

訊息閱讀 - 與朋友, 生活保持緊密聯繫


連接Soundbrenner應用程序可以管理您的單曲清單,設定dB值,並可以連接多達5台Soundbrenner 產品並同步。


產品包括黑色皮革錶帶,黑色矽膠錶帶,充電線,特長錶帶,耳塞,磁性調音器支架和Core Steel 專用袋


5 in 1 Smart Music Tool

Vibrating Metronome - Free Your Ears, Feel The Beat

Magnetic Twist Tuner - Get In Tune, Anytime, Anywhere

Decibel Meter - Be Aware. Know Your Sound Levels

Time Display - Balance Your Daily Life and Music

Message Notification - Stay Connect with Friends, Work and Daily Events


Connecting the Soundbrenner app can manage your own song list, programme a dB thresholds, and can connect and synchronise up to 5 devices.


Comes with Black Italian leather strap, Black silicone strap, charging cable, body strap, earplugs, magnetic tuner mount and a Core Steel Carrying pouch

Core Steel 5 in 1 Smart Music Tool | 5合1 智能音樂手錶

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